6 Pointed Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Financial Advisor

6 Pointed Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Financial Advisor


Why Ethical Consulting: Atul Singh, Founder Director of Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.(www.ethicalwealth.in)

Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is premier real estate consultancy organization, having headquarter in Gurgaon and branches across different part of the country. In the time when Indian economy is struggling, management team at Ethical Consulting believes real estate is best asset class to invest and Mr. Atul Singh, Founder Director of Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.(www.ethicalwealth.in), who heads Sales and Marketing, explains why people should choose them as their Wealth Managers…

Customer Relationship: Our Core Competency

Our Founder Director Mr.M.K.Mishra explaining how and why we value customer relationship. In this era of dwindling consumer faith in service providers of any kind, consumer service is going to play the crucial role in success.

Real Estate: Best Asset Class for Investment By HNIs and NRIs

This blog came up first on http://www.digi-age.in and has been written by Mukul Bhartiya, who provides inbound marketing consultancy to Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.(www.ethicalwealth.in).


I am maintaining since beginning that devaluation of rupee offers a great potential of investment in India and especially in real estate sector for NRIs (http://digi-age.in/2013/09/06/real-estate-in-india-best-investment-opportunity-for-nris-at-this-point-of-time/). Now official records and NRI remittance are also justifying it. According to RBI records, NRI remittance during this current fiscal year has been USD 12 Billion and out of this 40% has gone into real estate sector (http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=CAP/2013/10/05&PageLabel=94&EntityId=Ar09400&ViewMode=HTML.).


Corporate Catalyst India report says that housing sector contributes 5-6% of Indian GDP, but other segment of real estate sector: commercial space, retail space, hospitality space and SEZ are also growing. Housing sector According to National Housing Bank reports, there will be shortage of 18.78 million units of housing under different category during the period of 2012-17 in urban areas. Rural areas, by year the end of Plan XI, i.e., 2012, had the housing deficit of 43.67 million units. India’s mortgage is also growing and it contributes 9% of GDP. Public Sector banks and Housing Finance Corporations are also supportive to real estate sector. According to National Housing Bank reports, housing loan as percentage of total loan by public sector bank stands at 9.2% (Including priority sector lending), while for HFCs, this loan stands at 73.66%.

A foreign national of Indian origin does not need to take approval from RBI for buying property in India for residential purpose. According to FEMA Rules, an Indian citizen, who resides outside India can invest in any property other than agricultural land or plantation properties or farm house. So, there are lot of factors in favour of real estate market right now, some of them are as follows:

–          Huge demand and supply gap

–          Mortgage market is seeing steady growth

–          Taxation benefits

–           Growth in urbanization

–          Overall economic growth: India is still one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

So, when there is so much happening around, then what’s the point in waiting sitting at the fence?

Real Estate: Best Asset Class for Investment in India

Though there are various assets available in any financial market, at this point of time, when Indian economy’s golden run seems to have hit the road block, Mr. Pankaj Kumar explains why real estate is the best asset class to invest in India.

We Told You So: Realty Market will bounce back (Dwarka Expressway cleared from legal tangles)

We have been maintaining since beginning that real estate market is far away from seeing the bottom.  Poor health of economy, weakening rupee against dollar, policy paralysis at centre etc. exists at its own place, but pure arithmatics is in favour of real estate market. Haryana Urban Development Authority(HUDA)  via public notice dated 29th September 2013, published in Times of India, other newspapers and its website, has cleared the legal tangles of settlement of claims of oustees around Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon. This decision of HUDA is going to give right amount of push to real estate market of Gurgaon and New Gurgaon. Details are given in following link



In our earlier blogs, https://ethicalconsult.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/planning-to-buy-real-estate-3-points-you-should-take-into-consideration/ and https://ethicalconsult.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/3-rules-for-investing-real-estate-sector-in-slowdown/ we had maintained that real estate prices may not see the heavy correction, if anybody is looking for it. You need to do your own calculation of profit and loss and make the decision. Anyways, if anyone is planning to buy property for his own residence purpose, then waiting too long for right price will be a wrong decision, because that right time may never come.

So, what you are waiting for; Plan and execute your real estate purchase activity.


Planning to buy Real Estate: 3 Points You Should Take into Consideration

This blog first appeared on http://www.digi-age.in and has been written by Mukul Bhartiya. He provides inbound marketing consultancy to Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.(www.ethicalwealth.in).

Around two week back, I had written in one of my blog http://digi-age.in/2013/09/12/3-rules-for-investing-real-estate-sector-in-slowdown/ , I had written that if you are waiting for prices of real estate to touch the rock bottom, then you may never get to see that. There is no defined limit of human expectation but one has to define it. If you keep waiting and waiting for the best moment to make any decision, then it may never come and that goes with buying decision of real estate as well. My earlier blog was prompted by full page report in Times of India about price correction and fall in real estate prices across the country due to poor health of Indian economy and falling rupee against dollar.


Today, Times of India came out with another piece of news that cement prices are expected to rise by 30% and it will impact the prices of real estate and make it costlier (Link: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=CAP/2013/09/26&PageLabel=25&EntityId=Ar02404&ViewMode=HTML).


So, what impression general public should have about the prices of real estate sector is a big question. Should they believe the report published fifteen days back or the report published today since both the reports are based on facts and not the fabricated story.

Again as a novice, I am in no position to say what should or shouldn’t anybody do under these circumstances, but I am presenting my point of view.

1)      Identify yourself: Are you a home buyer or real estate investor; identify yourself. Your identity will impact your buying decision a lot. If you are planning to buy a house to move out of rented accommodation and stay in your own house, then you may not look for the opportunity cost of money you are putting in to buy it. But if you are an investor, then you may need to read http://digi-age.in/2013/09/06/tips-for-investing-in-real-estate-leverage-understanding-the-power-and-pitfalls/ and act accordingly. In the case of buying home for your living purpose, define your budget, source of income, payment capacity, locality, area, amenities you can’t live without and then go for purchase.   

2)      Read, but don’t get lost in data: Data is very important to make a decision but one should not get lost in data. An acquaintance of mine had a budget of Rs.18 lakh to buy his dream house and he was staying in Delhi. You can very well understand that with this kind of money, you can’t buy a shanty in any decent locality of Delhi, leave alone the topic of buying the house. Had he read and relied upon the news articles on correction and increase of real estate prices, he would have been waiting to buy his home. So, instead of reading newspapers and data published into it, he choosed locality, area which can be sufficient for his family, amenities without and with he want to live and made the purchase within his budget; even if it meant moving bit outside Delhi.

Point I am trying to drive here is that every situation is unique and it needs solution according to its own requirement. If you are a budget buyer, then how come price correction of villas is going to impact your budget and subsequent buying decision.

3)      Limit your expectation: During my association with one of the commodity futures browse of the country, I have seen people speculating and losing huge amount of money. One milk vendor from Patna was told by somebody that prices of gold futures on Indian commodity browse depends on its prices at NYMEX and it is in New York. From that day, he started making New York rise and fall with his every buying decision. Luck favoured him for sometime but he exited the market in next six month after selling all his futures contract and cattle head.

If you are an investor, limit your expectation in terms of money you want to earn. Please understand that windfall can happen only through lottery and may be only once or never in one lifetime. A legitimate business can give you only legitimate return, which will sufficient to beat the inflation and interest rate of your investment, depending upon your business strategy.   This logic applies with investment in real estate sector as well.

I would like to again reiterate the fact that I am not a financial expert, but my professional experience has taught me few things which I am sharing with you. I hope it helps you to take decision in right direction.