Real Estate Investment in changed Political Scenario of India

Winters this year has really become hot because of changed Political scenario in India. With BJP coming to power in 3 out of 4 state’s recently concluded assembly polls, suddenly things have started becoming more clear. The shroud of uncertainty over your Real Estate Investment decisions can finally see the light of day.

Indians have reposed the confidence of Investors that they are still biggest democratic nation and any misdemeanor by any Political Party in future will be meted out with befitting reply by its citizen. Visibility of your Investment and its future growth can only be attained in a politically stable state where the policies of the incumbent government are growth oriented.  With higher probability of BJP sweeping to power in coming National Elections, one can take calculated risks by investing their money in Real Estate at this time when the markets are really soft.

You can see hordes of FIIs, DIIs, FDIs and other institutional as well as retail smart money flowing back to India. They would be chasing the asset class which has historically given best returns and Real Estate is one among them. I am of the view that people sitting on pile of liquidity should start thinking in a positive frame of mind and buy some very lucrative deals which are right now available in the market. If things turn in a positive way, your Investments can garner you unthinkable returns in next two and half years time frame. Coincidently the current market has become Buyer’s market and this will not remain forever. So act fast and strike when the opportunity is hot.

Happy Buying !!!

Nitin Kumar

Ethical Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


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